High Quality Pecan Nut Trees

High Quality Pecan Nut Trees

Boomplaas Kwekery lies at the feet of the picturesque Sleeping Beauty of the Langeberge at Riversdale in the Western Cape. The nursery propagates quality pecan nut trees for the successful commercial farmer.

This has been our passion for many years and we refined, apply and share what we have learnt over the years propagating and growing pecan nut trees.

Thriving Ukulinga rootstock seedlings are bud grafted in their second growing season with proven popular varieties like Witchita, Choctaw, Navaho and Western Schley. Budwood are sourced from established and proven orchards at Vaalharts.

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About Boomplaas Nursery

About Boomplaas Nursery

Boomplaas Kwekery, a pecan nut nursery, situated near Riversdale, is owned and managed by Danie van Wyk. The climate in Riversdale is well suited to the pecan tree nursery and allows us to produce for the growing demand of quality pecan trees.

We grow trees because we believe in investing in the future. Make an appointment to visit the nursery and start growing your own orchard.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Danie van Wyk 071 602 5003
Jana van Wyk 072 482 8397


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More on pecan nut trees

Establishing a pecan orchard

Our focus is on bare root trees for the commercial pecan farmer, who wants to establish pecan orchards. Three year old nursery trees are best suited for transplanting in the appropriate winter months when the trees are dormant.

Required tree quantities for the next seasons planting should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

Trees are available from end of July until August and is best planted immediately after collection. Limited bagged trees are available to fill gaps in orchard out of planting season.

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