Establishing a pecan orchard

A pecan orchard is an investment in the future. A well managed pecan orchard will exceed 50 years of production. When planning to establish a pecan orchard, account has to be taken of the climate, the soil and the available water to ensure a productive orchard. Specialized information on pecan orchard establishment is available in print and online. From our side, we will strive to be as helpful as possible to our clients in highlighting the most important points when establishing a pecan orchard.

When a farmer plans to establish a pecan orchard, the layout of the orchard, the soil preparation and the irrigation lines should be finalized before the farmer collects his trees.

Soil preparation entails ripping the rows in which the tress will be planted, to ensure good penetration of the taproot and improving the soil with organic matter. Infilling of the planting holes with ‘better’ soil is not recommended as it can create inconsistency in the soil profile. The planting holes should rather be prepared by consulting a technical advisor

The irrigation lines and water supply should be ready when the trees are planted so that the trees can be irrigated soon after planting.

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The trees should be planted as soon as possible, to avoid the roots from drying out. Before planting soak trees in water and plant from there. Never let the trees lay uncovered in the sun and wind.

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